Telecom Consulting Services:


We provide hands-on telecommunications consulting, complemented by our rich database of best practices, industry benchmarks, and proprietary tools. Our methodology evaluates and designs your operations using five key dimensions: leadership/people, technology, systems, data, and processes. Our approach to network design and engineering, service fulfillment, and service assurance can support any objective throughout the product/service lifecycle.


Our services and deliverables encompass work center analysis, methods and procedures, job aids, change management plans, improvement implementation programs, training, and job requirement development, helping you maintain efficiency.


Cybecys has provided system integration services at Network and Service Management layers of TMN FCAPS and TMF eTOM frameworks. While deploying sophisticated solutions in operator networks, we have developed interfaces over a variety of protocols with multi-vendor Element Management Systems and Network Elements.


Cybecys, having worked with many vendor products in a variety of networks, is in a unique position to analyze customer needs and propose suitable solutions. This helps product vendors reduce their deployment costs by letting YourCompany work on the integration conundrum of fitting their products in the larger network. YourCompany would be your right partner to provide end-to-end system integration services.


If your organization is like most, you have plenty of tools to perform automation—running backups, job scheduling, systems management, provisioning tools, virtual server management, and so on. But Runbook Automation (RBA) is different from other automation technologies.


Point automation tools fail to solve a key problem that RBA addresses: how to coordinate the activities between them to prevent conflict, ensure successful execution, and maximize use of resources.

A solution that integrates with existing tool investments and orchestrates their work based on process is needed to:


>> Extend automated self-service request fulfillment to the business for virtual machines and snapshots, while ensuring efficient use of storage and virtual resources.


>> Automatically respond to known errors such as archival or deletion of files when disk space full events arise.


>> Empower HR personnel to add new users to Active Directory and manage groups without bothering IT.


>> Respond to security attacks automatically, while integrating remediation and analysis.

>> Rapidly respond to critical application errors by collecting supporting analysis and presenting it in a central display.



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